ISO 9000 Checklist

ISO 9001:2008 Checklist Package

User Comments

Terrie Madruga - Audit Program Manager
I purchased the Checklist when I was in charge of the audit program at Agilent Technologies (Hewlett Packard).
This product is awesome. I only changed several words to match our department language. The Checklist even has definitions for terms where they are used in the ISO requirements. I would not get my regular work done if I had to create this myself.

Arick Sandoval - QA Manager
Sheffield Platers, Inc. - San Diego, CA
We just received our certification and I want to thank you for your support. Using your internal audit checklist was the smartest thing I did. It saved me critical time that I dedicated to auditing and working on other important issues.

Chris Bumstead - Group Quality Manager
Tyco Waterworks - UK
We purchased the ISO 9001 Checklist Package, and are very much impressed with the content and the comprehensiveness of the package. I have purchased so many business-related items which never match up to the advertising, but your package does that and more. A well-satisfied customer.

Thomas Berendsen - Quality Assurance Manager
AST Bearings LLC Montville, NJ
I trained 6 people and used the forms in the Checklist Package. Two medical companies did audits of our company and were impressed with the auditing package. Our registrar was impressed with our process audits.

There was so much in the audit package. I picked what I wanted to use when updating our auditors to the 2008 standard. We got our recertification for ISO 9001:2008 and passed with no majors and no minors. Wow! - and thank you.

Richard Gabrys - ISO Manager
Scot Forge Company - Spring Grove, IL
You have gone the extra mile. It is better to have the detail and be able to make changes than not have the detail.  We did the transition 17 months ago.  This purchase was made to bring more structure to the audit program.

Norman Anderson - Senior Quality Engineer
Motor Technologies Group - West Plaines, MO
You have one of the best concepts out there. The Checklist was more thorough than others. The "Universal Items Checklist" was good for picking up all the requirements that apply to a process.  If there is a plant out there struggling, I would recommend this. This will work for all ISO 9001:2008 companies. You can also add requirements of other ISO 9001-based standards.

Michael Knight - QMS/ISO Coordinator
iSKY, Inc. - Bend, Oregon
iSKY, Inc. is a service-provider. Our auditors found that the Checklists and forms worked perfectly for them. We have had 2 surveillance audits with no nonconformances. Our registrar Auditor was surprised with the detail and depth of audits that were performed by first-time auditors.

Note: The above comment relates to the forms in the Checklist Package. iSKY purchased the full Auditor Training Course so they could conduct future auditor training in-house.

Jim Flanary - President
Networks Electronics Corporation - Chatsworth, CA
Our auditors said it was difficult to know what to look for before they had the detailed Checklist for the ISO 9001 standard. The Checklist for the Standard has really helped our audit process.   We changed the name of the "Universal Items Checklist" to the "Undocumented Process Checklist."   We are using this checklist to audit all of our undocumented processes.

Roger Supalla - Quality Manager
Card Fulfillment Services - Mankato, MN
I spent two hours reviewing the checklists and audit forms. Your list of files document was helpful in determining what each of the documents is used for. Thank you for doing all this work up-front. You saved me weeks of work.

Jason Hustedt - QA Manager
Rail Products International, Inc. - Columbus, OH
We are using the Checklist at both of our locations. Our Auditors especially like the 2nd and 3rd columns on the Checklist that tell what to look for and where to look for it.

Jerry Foster - Quality Assurance Manager
Burton Industries, Inc. - Mentor, OH
The level of detail is incredible. This is top-shelf work. You can tell the writer has a teaching background.

Cliff Greene - Director Quality Assurance
General Microcircuits, Inc. - Mooresville, NC
We have used your forms to conduct clause audits, process audits, and a Work Order audit. Everyone likes the program. I am very pleased with the effort you put into the Checklist Package.

Mike Cruz - Managing Director
CDC Resources - Monticello, IN
Our Quality Coordinator couldn't say enough good things about the materials in the Checklist Package. The Guidelines on the Checklist sheets tell the auditor what to ask and how to go deeper. Our Registrar felt that our internal audits were fantastic.

Ernst and Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers purchased the materials in the Checklist Package.

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