ISO 9000 Checklist

Auditor Training Course Samples


This page includes the Agenda from the "ISO 9001:2008 Auditor Training Course and Forms" and samples from the Auditor Manual.

The Auditor Training Course includes the following topics:

1. Background on the ISO 9001 Standard

2. Review of ISO 9000:2005 (Fundamentals and vocabulary)

3. In-depth Review of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard
    (using Manual 1 - Requirements Explained and Manual 2 - Exhibits)

4. General audit information
    -  Audit vocabulary
    -  Qualifications for auditors
    -  Methods used to structure audits
    -  Planning audits
    -  Auditing a process
    -  Auditing techniques
    -  Obtaining objective evidence
    -  Sampling

5. Steps taken to conduct an audit
    -  The audit assignment and collecting documents
    -  Document review
    -  Pre-Audit Meeting
    -  Confirm the audit plan
    -  Interview the Area Manager
    -  How to audit a documented and undocumented process
    -  Summarize results with the Manager
    -  Write the Audit Report
    -  Verification follow-up

6. Test (30 minutes)

7. Auditors conduct a supervised audit(s). The Trainer Manual provides instructions for the Trainer on how to conduct a supervised audit.

Samples from the Auditor Manual  

1.   The Auditor Manual

2.   Audit Steps Card  
The Audit Steps Card (in a plastic sheet protector) is a major feature of this training course.  This 1-page document identifies the 9 steps that an Auditor takes to conduct an audit.  The Auditor Manual has a written description for every statement on the Audit Steps Card.  The page numbers identify where the written description for a step begins in the Auditor Manual.  Auditors can return to the text of the training course if they do not recall how to do something that is a line item on the Audit Steps Card.

New Auditors use the Audit Steps Card as a guide for what to do next until they become familiar with these audit steps.

3.   Step 6 - Floor Audit - Review an Undocumented Process
(Auditor Manual example text)
This is the text from the Auditor Manual that matches Step 6 on the "Audit Steps Card."  The text of the Auditor Training Course assumes that the person reading this information has no prior knowledge of the ISO standard or how to conduct an audit.

Ask these questions when you review this example:

  • Did the writer clearly explain what the auditor should do?
  • Did the writer provide a way to ensure that everything was checked?
    (Note: Ensuring everything is checked is built into the audit forms.)
  • Does the Auditor have access to this information after the course is completed?
  • Is this written explanation better than overhead slides?

4.   Checklist Instructions
The Auditor Manual contains a separate Checklist for each clause of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This document explains how to enter information on the Checklist. It also has a completed example.

5.   Audit by Process Method
Your writer suggests that you print out the Audit by Process Method chart.  This chart shows what an auditor is expected to do when conducting an audit to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

This standard expects Auditors to conduct process audits.  A process audit checks for all factors that relate to the activity that is being audited.  These "factors" that must be checked are stated as requirements that are found at different numbered locations throughout the ISO 9001 standard.

The reality is that there are a minimum of 15 ISO requirements that apply to every activity that is assigned for audit.  And no one, not even an experienced auditor, can be expected to remember the 15 or more items that should be checked.  This is why this course includes a new checklist called the "Universal Items Checklist."  This checklist is set up so auditors will include all the items that should be checked that relate to the activity audited. Auditors use the "Universal Items Checklist" form each time they interview someone.

The "Universal Items Checklist" also provides the structure for auditing an undocumented process.

6.   Auditor Manual List of Files
This is a list of the documents and forms that are included in the Auditor Manual.  Most of the forms are presented as standard forms and as data entry template forms.   Each form has instructions for what should be entered in the entry spaces on the form.

Auditor Manual       Requirements Manual and Exhibits Manual      Trainer Manual
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