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Testimonials on the "ISO 9001:2008 Auditor Training Course and Forms"

Frank Hogan - Quality Manager
Dyna-Drill Technologies, Inc. - Houston, TX

I trained 11 people using this course and will train another 4 shortly. We used the "Fast Method" and this worked fine. We made some slight changes to the audit forms and the forms work well.

What I liked the most was "ISO 9001 Explained" that tells in detail what the requirements mean. In the past I attended several auditor courses and they never taught what the standard means. This is the first time I have seen a good explanation of the ISO requirements included in a training course.

Rodney Fetterolf - Quality Manager
Adjutant General's Department - Texas

I liked the complete course. Our auditor training went well and we had no problems. "ISO 9001 Explained" was the biggest help when training first-time auditors. The explanation of the requirements is written in layman's terms and is easy for people understand.

Debbie Settle - Quality Systems Coordinator
Alcoa Eastalco Works - Frederick, MD

This is the first time I have done an implementation and these materials have been very helpful. Any time you have a question about the ISO requirements, the answer is in the Requirements Manual.   This tells you the direction you have to go.

We used the Audit Plan Form, Audit Memo and Audit Report forms in the Auditor Manual and liked them.  All the forms have instructions that tell exactly what to enter on the forms. We used the data entry template version of the Corrective Action Form and the Audit Report because we want to be sure that everyone can read the entries.

I trained another person using the training course.  The Auditor Manual was helpful because you could go back and look up information if you needed to.  The Checklists for the ISO clauses tell you what to look for.   The Universal Items Checklist is especially good because it ensures that you check all the ISO requirements that apply to the process you are auditing.  BSI, our registrar, liked what the Checklist forms covered in the audit and we were awarded our certification.

These materials are a wealth of information that would be helpful to someone starting their system and to anyone who must audit it.   I especially like the fact that I can look at the materials when I have time to look at them.   They are always there.


Glen Ekern - Quality Manager
Brunner Mfg. Co., Inc. - Mauston, WI

I ordered this course instead of attending a Lead Auditor Course. A Lead Auditor Course doesn't give you all these materials. These materials are a much greater value.

Allan Lewis - Quality Manager
Synnex Corporation - Olive Branch, MS

I used the course to train 9 auditors who had no prior experience in auditing. I broke the course into pieces over 4 weeks and this worked well. The Exhibits that illustrate the ISO 9001 requirements were especially good because they helped my trainees to understand our own documents. This is an outstanding training course.

Sandy Miniz - Quality Assurance Manager
Bay Area Rapid Transit Rolling Stocks and Shops - Oakland,CA
You can use the sample Quality Manual and format for writing a Standard Operating Procedure if you are setting up your system. The Quality Manual is good because it is not wordy and anyone can understand it. There is also an example format for how to write a Standard Operating Procedure so other people can contribute to the project. Both the Quality Manual and SOP Format can be edited if you want to make changes.

Seyed Geressu - Quality Engineer Supervisor
Darcor Ltd. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You are helping a lot of people to understand what must be done to both set up an ISO 9001 system and to audit it. This is what I was looking for because it has so much detail. I wish that all materials were written as well as this course.

Michael Knight - QMS/ISO Coordinator
iSKY, Inc. - Bend, Oregon

It was pure luck that I found this web site.   I had less than 3 weeks to meet a commitment to our registrar to develop an audit schedule and conduct audits.

The materials in this training course allowed me to set up the audit schedule, train 7 auditors and complete the audit of 6 departments in only 12 days.  I only made minor editing changes to the forms.   Not having to create these materials was a major time saver.

This course can be taught in sections. This is helpful when you must consider the work assignments of trainees.

If it were not for the Auditor Training Course, the Checklist, the Universal Items Checklist, audit forms, and guidance materials on the ISO 9001 Standard and process auditing, we would not have met the deadline for conducting the audit of 6 departments.

Our auditors found that the Checklists and forms worked perfectly for them.  One auditor commented, "I've learned more about quality management from this course than I have ever learned before."

The audit materials and forms were so well designed and comprehensive that this made it easy to complete our audits. Audit reports were delivered in a consistent format.  This allowed me to quickly combine the reporting from 7 auditors into a single Audit Report.

Our registrar Auditor was pleased and impressed with our audit.   He was surprised with the detail and depth of audits that were performed by first-time auditors.

I highly recommend the ISO 9001:2008 Auditor Training Course and Forms for companies that are striving to differentiate themselves from their competition by creating a "high performance" quality management system.

Staci DiBello - ISO 9001 Audit Manager
GE Transportation - Erie, PA

I used the Classroom Method to teach several groups of 20 people. This was a good investment for us due to the large number of auditors that must be trained.

"ISO 9001 Explained" is used during training and is also on our computer system. Auditors tell me they frequently use ISO Explained to check the details on what the requirements mean. Several experienced auditors have commented that the written explanation of the requirements helps you to know why you are looking for specific things.

Bill Cowell - Quality Manager / Bahrain

I oversee the quality program of two companies that are ISO 9000 certified. I use these materials for in-house training and to resolve nonconformances from external audits. These materials enable me to respond to just about anything.

I am impressed with the sample documents and forms. The "Analysis of Data - Possible Sources Chart" was particularly helpful in identifying what data to collect that would improve processes and benefit the company. There are many sample documents that can be used to meet the ISO requirements or set up a system to do something.

The Trainer Manual has far superior content and guidance than any of the courses that I have taken.

You could call the materials the ultimate source for ISO QA Managers. That's what it is. These materials are far superior to anything I have come across.

Manfred Brunner - President
groWing of Switzerland GmbH - Switzerland

The concept behind the presentation of materials shows that the writer is an experienced teacher. This course is really impressive.

Lucas Eggert - ISO Coordinator
Amports - Benicia, CA

I compared the materials in this course to materials that we have from past courses that our employees attended. The materials from the past courses didn't tell you anything. You can learn more by just reading the explanation for Clause 4.1 in this course than in all the materials we collected from other courses.

Janet Gittings - CIA, CCSA, CQA
Cahaba Government Benefit Administrators, LLC - Birmingham, AL

We are a service company and some parts of the standard do not apply to us. We streamlined the materials and selected the parts that apply to our organization.

There are so many good resources in this product that mean we do not have have to do this work ourselves. The audit forms and the instructions on how to fill them in were a life-saver. We modified the forms and put them on our intranet. We also put the pdf file "ISO 9001 Explained" on our intranet for access by all employees.

Classroom training took 3 days and then we did audits for 1 Ĺ days. Our auditors are off to a good start with these materials. We got a good response from our registrar auditors when they reviewed our Audit Reports.

We are using these materials at all three of our locations. This was money well spent.

Quality Assurance Manager - US Government Entity

Your binders are right next to my desk. They are a constant reference and I owe a lot to your materials. I used the Trainer Manual extensively to design the audit schedule. I also like the fact that I can customize the forms and training materials to our specific situation.

Our 12 auditors have gotten good mileage using the audit forms. The Audit Steps Card that tells what to do next and the Auditing a Process diagram provide an overview of the course and are a handy reference for auditors.

Ernie Barnett Ė Quality Mgr/Production Mgr
USTX Contract Services, Inc. Ė Austin, TX

This Auditor Course has materials that you can use and just add your company name to them. We used the sample Quality Manual and 6 procedures as the basis for our Quality Manual. We also used many of the sample forms from "ISO 9001:2008 Explained" as part of our quality system.

I only had to make a few minor changes on documents and forms. The forms even have instructions so people know what to put in each entry space on the form. This was helpful because I donít have time to develop these materials.

The training course is even helpful when you have an audit nonconformance. The person planning the corrective action can just check the clause number on the pdf version of the Requirements Manual (that you put on your computer system). The Requirements Manual tells you what the requirements mean, what you have to do, and has sample documents. This is helpful because a registrar auditor will only tell you that something is wrong, and will not tell you what to do.

This course gives you everything in printed form and as computer files. In contrast, if you attend a public course, you just end up with a lot of notes you canít read.

All the sample documents and forms are the key to this product. Other training materials will just tell you what to do and not how to do it. They leave you hanging because they donít give you any examples.

Andy Traister - QA Manager
Color Corporation of America - Louisville, KY
This course gave us everything we needed. Preparing for the training and doing the training caused continous improvement in our quality manangement system. Most of what I know as an auditor came from these materials because they are so detailed. The Trainer also earns an Auditor Trainer Certificate that recognizes the time you spend to learn the materials and provide the training.

Brett Miller - VP Engineering
USA Harness, Inc. - Winnsboro , TX

I had a Stage 1 Audit through our registrar. He complimented our paperwork, specifically the quality manual, audit plan and management review report which were initiated from your training materials. Our registrar stated that our paperwork was significantly better than the first submittals they receive from most organizations. I attribute this to the materials in this course.

I compared the Auditor Training Course and Forms materials to a those of another auditor course offering. The other course offering gave you a copy of their PowerPoint sides and had no information on what the requirements mean or what to do to meet the requirements. Your materials explain what to do and gave us examples that we could edit. I did the implementation and auditor training with only a small amount of help from others in the company. These course materials were a great investment and saved me a huge amount of time.

Tony Gonzales - Quality Manager
Empire Southwest, LLC - Mesa, AZ

I especially liked the explanation of the ISO requirements and all the example documents. Although I know everything that is in the course, it is a challenge when you have to explain all this to someone else. This course is very well done. The forms also gave me good ideas about how to set up other forms that were needed for the company.

Osborne Industries, Inc. - Osborne, KS

Having the written explanation of the requirements makes my job easier. When I have to explain to someone why something is a nonconformance, I just look up the explanation on the PDF file and then tell the person. You can even print out the explanation so the person has a written copy.

Ernst and Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers purchased the Checklist and audit forms that are included in this training course.

Organizations that have purchased the Auditor Training Course
AC Label, LLC
Adjutant General's Department TX
Alcoa Eastalco Works
BART Rolling Stocks and Shops
Belimo Air Controls, Inc.
Bill Cowell - QA Mgr. - Bahrain
Brightstar Corporation
Brunner Mfg. Co., Inc.
C&V Data Management Services, Ltd. - UK
Cahaba Government Benefit Administrators, LLC - 3 locations
ClappDiCO Corporation
Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc.
Color Corporation of America - 2 locations
DST Controls
Darcor Limited
Diamond Diagnostics, Inc.
Diagnostic Hybrids Inc.
dpix, LLC
Dyna-Drill Technologies, Inc.
EPSCCA - Louisville, Rockford and Marengo
Empire Southwest, LLC
Engelhard Corporation
Formrite Companies
Ethyl Canada, Inc.
General Electric Company - GE Transportation
    - 10 US locations
    - 4 Mexico locations
    - Brazil
Gear Company of America
groWing of Switzerland GmbH - Switzerland
Honeywell International Advanced Fibers and Composites
Intelligent Mechatronic Systems
Inter-State Studio and Publishing Co., Inc.
Jacobson - A Textron Company
JDak, Inc.
LeeMAH Electronics Inc. - San Francisco
LeeMAH Electronics, Inc. - Texas
LeeMAH Electronics, Inc. - China
Logistics Solutions Group, Inc.
Lowe Boats
Major Metals, Inc.
Mid-South Machine Company
Milsco de Mexico S. de C.
Milwaukee Valve, Inc.
Minicomputer Exchange, Inc.
Montana Department of Agriculture
NATO Maintenance & Supply Agency
Naval Medical Logistics Command
Nuplex Resins, LLC
Nypro Chicago
OSR, Inc.
OH Distributors - APU
Osborne Industries, Inc.
PT Riau Airlines - Indonesia
Panama Aerospace Engineering, Inc. - Pamama
Prime Chemical International Co., Ltd.
Prototype Productions, Inc.
Reed Rubber Products, Inc.
Regent Aerospace Corporation
Sanders Lead Company, Inc.
Schneider Electric
Scot Forge Company
Seneca Data
Service King Manufacturing, Inc.
Snoke Special Products
Society to Benefit Everyone - Donation
Speedometer Service Company
Synnex Corporation
Technologie and Projekt Management / Austria
Jacobson - A Textron Company
Totex Manufacturing, Inc.
USA Harness, Inc.
United States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE)
Unicor - Sandstone, MN
Unicor - Waseca, MN
Unicor - Ft. Dix, NJ
USTX Contract Services, Inc.
Wacker Neuson Corporation
West Coast Aerospace

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