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This page has information about the Trainer Manual that is part of the "ISO 9001:2008 Auditor Training Course and Forms."

The Trainer Manual  
The Trainer Manual has instructions for how to teach the Auditor Training Course and how to set up and manage an audit program.   The Trainer Manual is presented in a ring binder and has tab dividers.

Following are the titles of each Tab section in the Trainer Manual:

Tab 1 - Implementing ISO 9001:2008

Tab 2 - Managing Audits

Tab 3 - Planning the Audit Schedule

Tab 4 - Trainer Instructions

Tab 5 - Forms

Tab 6 - SOP 8.2.2 Internal Audit

Tab 7 - How We Meet ISO Requirements

Tab 8 - Quizzes, Test, and Answer Sheets
           Training Certificates awarded by the Trainer
           Trainer Certificate awarded by ISO 9000 Checklist

Tab 9 - Management Review

Tab 10 - Pareto Analysis

Links to Sample Documents
Adobe Reader 8.0 or later is required to view sample documents from the training course. You may download the Reader for free from the Adobe site.

Following are links to documents that describe the Trainer Manual:

1.   Review page 1 of the Tab section titled "Managing Audits"
This Tab section identifies 17 activities that are the responsibility of the person who manages the audit program. To set up a structure to carry out these activities requires hundreds of hours of work. This Trainer Manual provides the materials to set up the audit program and eliminates almost all of the work that the Audit Program Manager would have to do.

2.   Auditor Qualifications and Training Record (a form)
This is an example of one of the forms that the Audit Program Manager would need to create. The time required to research and create this form was more than 4 days. This form is just one of the documents and forms that will save time for the person who must set up the audit program.

3.   Trainer Manual List of Files
This page has a detailed description of each document in the Trainer Manual.

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